Friday, June 25, 2010

Tamanna mms Scandal Video

Tamannaah Bhatia, born December 21, 1989 is an Indian actress and model. She has appeared in Tamil films and Hindi movies. She made her acting debut in the Hindi film that so far Chand Sa Roshan Chehra who published in 2005, before working in the major industries of South Indian cinema.
Telugu Tamannaah debuted the same year with Sri following year, appeared in her first Tamil film Kedi. In 2007, she played in the lives of two college-based dramas, Happy Days in Telugu and Tamil Kalloori, which earned him both critical acclaim. After the commercial success with Padikathavan (2009), Ayan (in 2009) and Paiyaa (2010), established herself as one of the greatest contemporary actresses in the Tamil film industry. She also has experience as a model and has appeared in various television commercials.

Tamanna mms Scandal Video 
This video is fake, it is not Tamanna, she looks like tamanna
Tamanna scandal MMS, Video MMS Clip Tamanna, Tamanna movie sex RoadiesA MMS 37 seconds long clip of a girl, with a striking resemblance to the Roadie, having sex with a boy has been released on video many forums and masalaThe girl shows the MMS is also wearing a cross round his neck even as Tamanna.

Tamanna Roadies Sex Video

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According to a report published in a newspaper of Mumbai, the popular MTV Roadies participating Tamanna is considered a part of an MMS video clip making the rounds of the Internet.
The so-called "Tamanna Video MMS" has a sex tape 37-seconds with a girl who looks remarkably like the MTV Roadie, having sex with a boy. This so-called Tamanna MMS was posted on Rapidshare and Easyshare - which are video sharing sites.
People all over the Internet is the transmission of said video Tanamma MMS to their friends. The sex-tape shows a young girl who looks like MTV reality television contestant to have sex with a boy whose face is not visible.
The girl in the video MMS is also seen wearing a cross around his neck like Tamanna.

"Roadies 5 involved Tamanna is fuming with anger as a sex clip featuring a supposedly makes rounds on the Internet and mobile. The Chandigarh girl accuses her colleagues involved Roadie for crafts that against her.
Tamanna could not get in the finals, but it was a popular girl because of his attitude and chemistry off the screen with Nauman lines and also celebrated with another competitor Palak. A leading tabloid, the sex video on various sites has a daughter with a striking resemblance with Tamanna. The girl in the video can be seen wearing the same neck piece around his neck that Tamanna door. The video is 37 seconds long is gaining popularity on sites like Rapidshare and EasyShare.
A petrified Tamanna is undeniable that the young girl in the video is her and accuses Palak to slander his name. Tamanna same rear-anchored the tabloid and told the tabloid that another sex video featuring Palak and Bobby (another candidate) can be found on the net.

In response, repentance, outspoken Palak said, "if you find my clip sex, to publish.
Palak is a small-time actress and has worked in various videos and Punjabi has also been featured in the song "Bhoot-nikey" Singh Is Kinng.
Nauman knows, the winner of the "Roadies 5 'and a friend Tamanna is shocked and thinks someone is jealous that Tamanna is indeed to ruin his image.
This story is another addition to the reality MTV roadies, which has been in the news for the wrong reasons. "Roadies" are now synonymous with vulgarity, outside of his actions daredevilry. But it is a successful show and each year young people flock in large numbers to audition for it.